14 March 2017


The Pink Lady of Maibu by Lynne Seemayer 

Normally I don't have much of a story to go with a Random Image post. These are usually just images that I come across and they grab my attention for some reason or another. This one however made me very curious and as I looked into it I found a story that was too good not to pass on.

One Saturday morning, on October 29, 1966, a massive 60-foot-tall painting of a nude pink lady holding flowers suddenly appeared as you headed into the tunnel on Malibu Canyon Road. 
A 31-year-old paralegal from Northridge, a woman named Lynne Seemayer, showed up on the road and admitted that she was the artist who did the piece. 
Seemayer said that she was annoyed by the graffiti that was all over the canyon wall (“Valley Go Home” was a memorable slogan) and so, over a 10 month period, she started to secretly climb up under the moonlight and suspended herself by ropes to remove the graffiti. 
At 8 P. M. on October 28 Seemayer painted the Pink Lady using ordinary house paint. By dawn it was done. 

The artist: Lynne Seemayer - not a fan of graff

I did a bit more searching and discovered that the painting only lasted a week before authorities painted over it with brown paint. Cos that looks much better doesn't it, well, I suppose it was 1966.

A final sad discovery was that Lynne Seemayer passed away at the age of 81 in January this year

12 March 2017


I love discovering things that happened that I had no idea had happened, like this...
Back in 1982, artist Agnes Denes converted two acres of land in Lower Manhattan into a wheat field. Her project, titled Wheatfield, a Confrontation, happened in the Battery Park City landfill, right under the gaze of the Twin Towers. The artist called it "an intrusion of the country into the metropolis, the world's richest real estate."
They planted two crops all up and harvested a thousand pounds of grain." The harvested grain then traveled to 28 cities in an exhibition called The International Art Show for the End of World Hunger, with the seeds then taken away by people who planted them all over the planet. Well let's hope so and let's hope they harvested that wheat and somebody got fed.
More pics here
A pretty cool thing to have seen in Manhattan though. This is Battery Park today...

04 March 2017


The Stonehouse Garage in Sawyers Valley

I've zipped past this gorgeous old gas station a few times before while traversing the Great Eastern Highway and I've finally managed to stop and grab a few snaps. The reason being, is that you only get a quick glimpse of it from the highway, it's set back now due to the highway realignment. That same realignment also killed it as a business and it's sadly no longer selling petrol, just used as a mechanic shop.

It's the only one of its kind that I know of around or near Perth. A beautiful mid century style, I'm just happy that it hasn't been knocked over.

Stonehouse Garage
The Stonehouse Garage
Stone Garage
stonehouse Sign

25 February 2017


One of the aims of our two Route 66 trips was to see and photograph as much cool/kitsch stuff as possible. So naturally the Muffler Men were high on that list. There are heaps of them across the United States and three to six (depending on who you listen to and whether they all qualify or not) of them still sit along Route 66. We managed to visit the three definite ones on the second leg of our trip...

Tall Paul
The Hot Dog holding Muffler Man Giant in Atlanta, Illinois
Hot Dog Giant
Muffler Man Giant

Lauterbach Man
The Giant Lauterbach Man at Lauterbach Service Center in Springfield, Illinois
Lauterbach Man
Muffler Man

Gemini Giant
The Gemini Giant in Wilmington, Illinois
Launching Pad
Gemini Giant
Gemini Muffler Man

So many across America and even a couple in Canada

The remaining three attributed to Route 66
Chicken Man in Highland Park, Los Angeles
 The Lumberjack in Flagstaff, Arizona
 The Harley Man in Livingston, Illinois, but he kinda looks a bit small 

13 February 2017

THE HOOD # 324

A few more snaps from my road trip in December last year. The painted grain silos in Northam. Pretty damn impressive, unfortunately we couldn't get very close, fenced off and all. We did manage to get closer to some others in Ravensthorpe, but i'll post those later...

First up the right side, painted by US artist Hense, who used some awesome colours and patterns

Hense Silo Art

the left side was painted by UK artist Phlegm and done entirely in black and white, depicting some cool flying machines

Phlegm Silo Art
Phlegm Silo

05 February 2017


A completely mesmerising short film from Sweden by Directors: Maximilien Van Aertryck, Axel Danielson

A social experiment in which a group of Swedes are paid $30.00 to climb and then walk to the edge of a ten meter tower. Their reactions at the prospect of jumping are just fascinating, my fav are the young couple, they're completely gorgeous. Do you think you could do it? I'm not totally sure that I could, my palms are sweating just watching this.

04 February 2017


The photography of Fredrick Flood (1881 - 1965). Flood was a photographer for the West Australian Newspaper with photos also featured in the Western Mail.

Things to note, the old shoreline in the first photo and the absence of the Narrows Bridge in the second photo, showing just the point. The size of the logs in the Manjimup photo, not much chance of seeing trees that thick down there anymore. Finally the verandah around the old mill, I never knew it had one until now.

I think all photos credited to SLWA (most anyway)
Perth from Kings Park, c1940's I think
The war memorial at Kings Park, seen from the Perth foreshore
Coming Alongside, Fremantle c. 1930's
Cows, South Perth Foreshore with Perth Buildings in the background c. 1930's
Manjimup Western Australia/, circa 1920
St Georges Tce, year unknown
Capitol Theatre (left) Embassy Ballroom (right), William Street, Perth c 1940. 
Old Mill, South Perth c. 1930's

More Fred Flood here

29 January 2017


All we wanted was some hiking boots and maybe some socks, what we found was... America!
Pro Bass
This is a shopping mall, it is called Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World and it's in Springfield Missouri and it is huge! I've never seen anything like it, 500,000 square feet of immersive shopping. Hunting, camping, fishing, hiking, you name it, they have the gear for it. 
I don't really know how to describe this place, other than to say it could easily be one of the "Lands" at Disneyland. It could sit right between Frontierland and Critter Country, "Welcome to Pro Bass Land kiddies, Mickey will be hard to spot here as he's wearing full camo hunting apparel
Not only was this place filled with all the equipment, clothing and guns an American outdoors person could ever need, it also had more stuffed animals than I could count. Deer, Bear, Polar Bear, Wolf, Buffalo, Elk, you name it. But wait there's more, they even have live animals, tortoises, fish and crocodiles on show and an actual waterfall. Oh and numerous ponds filled with living ducks and fish and anything else they could stuff in there.

Polar BearBear
It was kind of obscene but also fascinating, you seriously couldn't look away, you had to keep going, into the next section, a need to see what was around the corner, it never disappointed. 
The "Trail of Tears" statue, it felt a bit token in this place
Time for some, do not do it justice, photos...
InvisibleBed time
Hunting HallTactical Turtleneck
Posh guns 2Camo
AntlersCamo style
Crazy big
And now because of you we have a rule